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Where Are The Wipes?

All About Avocados. Image.
Mills, Kendall. Wet Wipes. Photograph.

When I first saw this quest, I thought it would be interesting if I made a picture related to the pandemic. The thought of using a disinfectant wipe came when I was at the store the other day and saw the cleaning wipes section completely “wiped” out. I’m not sure how it is in other areas, but in NY, you would be hard pressed to buy a box of Lysol (or any off-brand) wipes. I think it is really interesting how even though we have been in this pandemic for months, it is still difficult to find such a basic cleaning item. I wanted to convey the idea that wipes are found scarcely and thought it would be funny if I put one in an avocado “pit”. 

In general, I have never been good at editing pictures and have always deferred the responsibility to my friends, so this was definitely a challenge. I had trouble with the layering of the images, but I eventually realized that each one had to be cropped independently. After some time, I started playing around with the cutout brush and the retouch feature (for blending purposes) which I think, made the images look better together. 


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